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PIGnic Pix 2002

The 34th FYV FSM FL PIGnic held 8/24/02 was a great success with over 42 FLolks attending.
Those coming the farthest were Art Lewis (MCI), Rusty Lambert (Murchison, TX) and Jack Payne (MEM). 
Other attendees were Phil Green, Ralph Beecham, Tony Worden, Jake Lamkins, 
Larry Thomas, Jack Chambers, Shirley Stults, Walker Collins, Richard Horn, Ed Jones, 

Jim Hicks, Charlie Jones, Carole Perry, Pat Roberts, Rod Downey, Warren McLellan, Darwin Haudrich, Harold Maxwell, Dave Grober, Joe Keys and Jim Harris. FRONTIER STILL LIVES in the collective memories of the FLamily!

. . . .

Blaise Engelking and Walker Collins
Carla Garner, Shirley Ann Stults and Rodger Garner
Charlie Jones and Rusty Lambert
Coyt Smith's family
Darwin Hawdrich, Richard Horn, Rod Downey, Ed Jones and Ralph Beecham
FL sign for PIGnic
Group photo #1
Group photo #2
Group photo #3
Group photo #4
Group photo #5
Jack Chambers, Art Lewis, Jim Hicks, Ralph Beecham,Richard Horn, Larry Thomas and Walker Collins
Jack Chambers and Coyt Smith's family
Jack Chambers
Jack Payne
Jake Lamkins, Phil Green and Larry Thomas
Jim Green and Larry Thomas
Jim Hicks, Ralph Beecham, Richard Horn, Larry Thomas, Walker Collins and Tony Worden
Jim Hicks, Rusty Lambert, Phil Green and Larry Thomas
Jim Hicks, Tony Worden, Rusty Lambert, Warren McLellan, Ed Jones and Jake Lamkins
Larry Thomas
Pat Roberts, Carla and Rodger Garner, Rod Downey, Ed Jones, Mary Harris, Tony Worden, Jim Hicks, Warren McLellan, Jim Harris and Blaise Engelking
Pat Roberts, Carole Perry and Harold Maxwell
Phil Green, Ralph Beecham and Tony Worden
Ralph Beecham and Phil Green
Ralph Beecham and Walker Collins
Sally and Dave Grober, Charlie Jones, Phil Green, Ralph Beecham, Shirley Ann and Shirley Stults, Larry Thomas, Carla and Rodger Garner, Carole Perry, Walker Collins, Richard Horn, Pat Roberts, Rusty and Mrs. Lambert, Jack Payne, Jack Chambers and Darwin Haudrich
Shirley Ann Stults, Larry Thomas, Rodger Garner, Walker Collins, Richard Horn, Dave Grober, Charlie Jones and Art Lewis
Walker Collins, Blaise Engelking, Jake Lamkins, Phil Green and Larry Thomas
Walker Collins and Jim Harris
Jack Chambers sent these photos:
Another Group shot
Carole Perry & Pat Roberts
Jack Chambers & Jack Payne
Coyt Smith's family
Jim Hicks, Tony Worden, Warren McLellan, Ed Jones & Jake Lamkins
Pat Roberts, Carole Perry, Art Lewis, Jack Chambers, Jake Lamkins, Sally & Dave Grober with Ralph Beecham in back.
Jack Payne's framed service pins and cap in front.

Ralph Beecham & Walker Collins